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Lenovo kills off 3000 line, folds Y Series into IdeaPad family, K Series into IdeaCentre


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This probably won't be ruining anybody's day, but if you were hoping to buy a Lenovo laptop with 3000 scrawled somewhere on it, you're pretty much out of luck. Lenovo has apparently killed off the entirety of its budget-friendly 3000 lineups, both laptop and desktop. The Y Series 3000 laptops are now gone in place Y710 and 7510 Series IdeaPads, and the fugly old 3000 K100 desktops gone, with only K210 IdeaCentre desktops available in their place. Not earth-shattering, but the IdeaPad and IdeaCentre brands are already off to a strong start, with much better design than the 3000 series, but similarly low prices. And besides, we suppose they needed all those excess 0's for the Olympics. You know, for the rings. No? You always hate our jokes. Die in a fire.

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