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Shredding the galaxy in Project Powder


The year is 2146. Global warming has long since made ice and snow only a distant memory, something seen in the history books but not really understood. That all changed with the discovery of the Warp Gate, that opened up the galaxy to exploration. And everywhere we went, there was snow. And where there was snow, there was Project Powder to shred it.

Project Powder, developed by free casual MMO portal Outspark, isn't the first extreme sports MMO we've seen, but it's the coolest. Combat? Duel against other players on the slopes! Crafting? Make snowballs! Exploration? There's a whole world out there ready to be explored -- and shredded. Okay, maybe it's not the deepest MMO out there, but if you just want to get together with your friends, form a team, level up and compete against the top 'boarders in the galaxy, Project Powder may be just the game for you. Closed beta begins June 24th, and you can sign up on the Project Powder home page. Get to level 5 in closed beta, and you get a special hoodie that you can wear in open beta that shows just how cool the open beta newbies will never be.

Check out the video after the break, courtesy of GameTrailers.

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