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UK short on skilled video game labour


The BBC reports that British game companies are experiencing a skilled labor shortage. David Braben, chairman of Frontier Development and spokesman for the industry's "Games Up?" campaign, believes 95% of video game degrees aren't preparing students for the real world of development. He says that there is no standardization and only four out of the 81 British universities have Skillset accreditation for video games degrees, which he believes makes the other 77 schools a "waste of time."

Braben went on to say the "dearth" of math and science graduates is hitting the British game industry hard. Business types also point out that Britain's lack of tax support isn't helping either, as the nation slipped from third to fourth place in game development behind Canada in 2006. We miss the simpler times when it was all about tightening up the graphics on level three.

[Via GameDaily]

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