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Trion nabs SCEA vet for VP of Engineering

Chris Chester

Three weeks since we first heard the news about Trion World Network's deal with the Sci-Fi channel, and it seemed like information about the burgeoning MMO innovator was starting to cool off. They've resurfaced on our radar this week with news that they have hired Glen Van Datta (not Van Detta, sorry), former Director of Technology at SCEA, as their Vice President of Engineering and General Manager. His past projects include developing the online technologies behind the PSP, PS2, and PS3.

The task facing Van Datta is anything but insignificant. As you might recall, they came out swinging with some ambitious plans for establishing a new distribution platform that circumvents tradition retail avenues and makes better use of the online sphere. Van Datta's connections within Sony should also be a significant asset, as Trion has been fairly upfront with their plans to bring a title to the Playstation 3, among other consoles.

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