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Target Terror, Anubis II prices slashed to reflect quality

Eric Caoili

Konami's awful arcade-to-Wii Target :Terror port was a hilarious prank at first, one we were willing to play along with, what with its goofy FMV terrorists and over-the-top 9/11-inspired plot.

But the joke immediately stopped being funny when we saw the light-gun game's retail price: $39.99. We crossed our arms, turned our head slightly to the site, gave Target: Terror's box a stern look, and said out loud, "Whatchu talkin' bout, Willis?"

Willis must have changed his tune, however, as Amazon has temporarily marked down the game to $15.88, a price more in line with the amount most people would be willing to pay for the 2004 shooter. Grab it before the sale ends!

While it won't add enough to your total to make your order eligible for Amazon's Free Super Saver Shipping ($25), you can also pick up Data Design Interactive's Anubis II for a reduced $5.95. Some might feel that's still asking too much the game, however ...

[Via CAG]

- Target: Terror for $15.88
Read - Anubis II for $5.95

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