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Image credit: forums hint at Diablo 3

Eliah Hecht
Nothing sparks speculation like a mystery, as Blizzard's recent splash pages in this week leading up to their Worldwide Invitational tournament have shown. The main contenders for what Blizz is going to announce (and yes, they are going to announce something) are Diablo 3 and something related to Wrath. Only two splash pages have shown up so far (out of a presumably longer series), but the game may already be given away by a slip-up at the forums. Blizzplanet is reporting that if you go to (which would be the Diablo 3 general forums), you get an error that "The Forums Are Currently Down." However, if you go to any other forum name that doesn't yet exist (like, you get redirected to the main forums page. Only d3-general gives the "forums down" error.

If you like to follow Blizzard-related rumors, this may sound familiar. Way back at Blizzcon '07, this was one way we found out that Wrath of the Lich King was going to be the next expansion: gave a "Forbidden" error, whereas any other non-existent path at gave a regular old 404. So to me this seems like a big hint in the favor of D3. Which means that those of you hoping for a big Wrath-related announcement might well be disappointed. But in my mind, a release date was always unlikely - since when does Blizz give release dates, especially when the game is so far away (still in alpha)? Then again, they could always announce more than one thing; it is about time for a closed beta on Wrath. However, my guess (and my hope) is for Diablo 3.

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