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EverQuest's Living Legacy live event going on now

Matt Warner

Remember when Kerafym the Sleeper went on a rampage slaying every mortal after the Warders were defeated? Think further back to your first excursion into the Plane of Fear and Plane of Hate, when tragedy struck and what followed was the tireless effort to recover one's corpse or the ultimate raucous victory that immediately followed a guild's first God kill. Good times and bad, it was special. Many years have passed, bringing many unknown expansions since your last foray into Norrath, but that shouldn't stop you from visiting now with the Living Legacy promotion providing all inactive EverQuest and EverQuest II veterans with ample opportunity and incentives to return at no cost until the end of July and relive the adventures.

Events are planned all throughout the campaign and the current event running this weekend is: "Sacrifice at the Sand Keep." It is an endurance challenge that pits players against Eothar and his echelon of undead minions. The goal is to endure attacks as long as possible. Players can seek out Dougan Merule in the Southern Desert of Ro to initiate the expedition, but if you're a returning player you probably want to check out the Guild Halls first located in the Plane of Knowledge to find other fellow and more than helpful to answer any questions you have. So did you go back?

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