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Schizoid, Soulcalibur pages appear on

Justin McElroy
Our frenemies at Xbox 360 Fanboy have noticed an interesting trend: Pages appear for games at, then they're the next XBLA games released. Seriously, it's happened twice. If we're in for a repeat performance, you can expect fighting classic Soulcalibur and former XNA title Schizoid to appear on the service next week, as pages for both have been discovered on the site.

As developer Torpex has already said Schizoid is due next month, which would lend a little credence to the rumor, though Soulcalibur remains a wild card. The the suspense is all but unbearable, but at least we know it will end Monday when the real additions are revealed.

Source -- Schizoid
Source -- Soulcalibur

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