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SF beta has issues, but no patch will be released

Dustin Burg

According to numerous posts over on the Capcom forums, the Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix beta is a bit problematic. All kinds of beta participants are experiencing a few bugs, network issues and, even worse, complete lockups. Thankfully, Capcom hasn't turned a blind eye to unsatisfied Street Fighter beta participates, acknowledging the issues, but admitting that they will NOT be releasing a patch to fix the beta. The reason? It's a beta and the reason people are playing is to discover said bugs. The other main reason is because "resubmissions would cost a fortune and not go live for weeks", seeing that any new code changes would have to go through MS cert.

So, be happy with your SSFIITHDR fun, even if it isn't the most stable chunk of code in the world. To do our part in making unhappy Street Fighter fans smile, we've embedded the latest, bug free beta video footage above. You're welcome!

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