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Vizio VP322 32-inch plasma eyes-on


We already told you about Vizio's new cheap plasmas, but we recently had a chance to witness the 32-inch VP322 in person. The set's case design is very tasteful, and a welcome departure from the flashy, uber-lit displays we've come to expect from Vizio. As for picture quality, the set exhibited the deep blacks one would expect from a plasma display, but the snowy feed of a basketball game -- which we assume was coming form the set's internal ATSC tuner -- wasn't good enough to tell how the VP322 scales and processes to its native 768 lines. The promised three HDMI and component inputs were all there, confirming that this TV is a decent choice for those making the digital transition. For $550 at Wal-Mart, though, we're not about to complain.

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