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A screenshot and video tour of Silkroad Online

Michael Zenke

Earlier this month we had the chance to take a tour of the free-to-play Joymax title Silkroad Online. A unique fantasy game, this microtransaction-supported offering transports players back to the time of high adventure along the trade routes between Europae and China. The game offers players the option to play either as a Chinese character, with a mix of magic and might, or a European character with a more traditional MMO role. Alongside the usual leveling and killing of monsters, the game features a one-of-a-kind trade run system, that pits players against each other in groups and against NPC brigands in a nuanced blending of PvP and PvE.

Today we have for you a screenshot and video-heavy tour of the game, offering insights into what it's like to try out this singular title. For our video offerings click on through below the cut to see combat in action, character creation, and a taste of what the trade run experience is like. For more information on the game, and to see far more of the unique character customization elements like the lady on the tiger above, click through to our extensive exploratory gallery. Either way, stay for a second and investigate the blending of East meets West that is Silkroad Online.

Gallery: Silkroad Online Tour | 26 Photos

Below here are a series of videos that should, hopefully, give you a sense of what the Silkroad Online experience is like.

Male Character Customization:

Female Character Customization:

Hotan Town Square:


The Tour Into Town:

Setting Off:

On-the-road PvE:

Moments before the slaughter:

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