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Burnout: This MMOG isn't what it used to be

Matt Warner

The loading screen in your brain is stuck. What is this madness? Is it the same tireless errands disguised as quests, social ties torn asunder leaving your guild in disarray, maybe it's the same old rigmarole and you need a new routine in-game. You don't want to give up, you turn to leveling endless alts, doing unorthodox things in the game you'd never do before, even playing less to help stave off the ennui to help reclaim the magic isn't working. You're burned out. Maybe it's time for a break, probably not your first time around either if you've been playing any MMOG for years it's something many of us struggle with.

Over on Hardcore Casual, Syncaine addresses the topic and brings up some interesting points like when the MMOG genre was in its infancy players were a lot more tolerable to game debilitating bugs and hardcore server rulesets. It was an amazing time, most players describe an awestruck wondrous feeling of enjoyment with their first MMOG, but at the beginning of the graphical online genre it really was a revolution in gaming with a much different atmosphere. Today, MMOG players are less patient; newer MMOGs have spoiled the masses, and sometimes we really don't know what will make playing our dream MMOG an exhilarating experience even when thinking we do. Are you in a burnout now? If so, let us know how you are dealing with it.

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