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Players attempt to hit 7 billion kills while Halo 3 killcount exceeds global population

In preparation of releasing Halo 3 one of the small additions to was a counter that tallied the total amount of UNSC Campaign kills. Early last week the kill count surpassed the world's total human population which, according to the US Census Bureau PopClock, is estimated at 6,705,451,100 while the counter currently reads 6,795,062,952 kills.

While reaching the milestone in less than a year is impressive, a group of loyal fans decided the achievement wasn't enough. With Bungie Day creeping up slowly, users on the forum are banding together in an effort to reach 7 billion UNSC Campaign Kills before July 7.

Looking to aid in the quest? Simply fire up Halo 3 and play through the campaign, clocking in as many kills as you can. A helpful guide of tips to maximize Covenant death can be found on the official thread for the event. With a little over 10 days left in the quest we know we'll be doing our part, will you?

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