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Go!Explore dated for July 18th according to

Jem Alexander

Europe has had Go!Explore downloadable maps available on the PSN Store since the end of May, but a lot of countries in the region don't even have the hardware yet. Thankfully that looks like it'll be fixed soon as has the Go!Explore GPS receiver listed on their website with a July 18th release date. There's no telling just how reliable this date is, but we've emailed SCEE to find out.

The site also lists the product's price at £99.99, which seems a bit steep to us. seem to have tried their best at offering a discount, knocking it down from it's RRP of £104.99 by a massive £5. Ouch. Again, this info is unconfirmed. Should any new info come our way we'll be sure to forward it on to you.

[Thanks Stephen]

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