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Sharp still sees lots of life in LCD, brushes OLED off like it's paparazzi

Darren Murph

Ever notice that all the hot-on-OLED firms, um, aren't named Sharp? Yeah, we've seen intentions to plow full speed ahead into OLED development from Panasonic, Sony (obviously), LG and a host of others, yet Sharp seems quite content with rocking the world with its LCDs. During a brief chat with TechRadar, the outfit's Miyuki Nakayama was quoted as saying that "LCD isn't mature yet, [as] there is still a lot to come in the future," specifically noting that LCD resolutions could be jacked to 4K2K. Better still, when pushed to comment on the OLED bandwagon (and more specifically, Sharp's decision to stand aside), he stated that "organic EL screens aren't a threat to LCD and they won't be for at least another decade." The reason? "The screens don't last long and they can't easily be made bigger." In all honesty, we can see Sharp's point -- after all, it makes LCDs for quite a few applications not named HDTV. Still, some pretty bold words, no?

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