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Star Wars Galaxies' new producer hints at future content

Michael Zenke

Just yesterday we noted that Star Wars Galaxies has a new producer, as long-time friend of the game Lorin Jameson moves into a directorship position for SOE-Austin. The new producer, Christopher "Dotanuki" Field, sat in with the forum-goers last night to answer a number of their resulting questions. Here are some highlights:

  • They are aware of player concerns over server population, and have something in the works right now to address it.
  • Hoth (coming in Chapter 11) is planned as a strictly PvE experience, and at the moment they don't plan on space combat to be a part of the instance.
  • More on Hoth: It will be both indoors/outdoors, and "There are going to be things in Hoth that you've not seen before in Star Wars Galaxies."
  • Droid Commander is right now slated for Chapter 12.
  • They're already at work on a new holiday for the year, something we haven't seen before.
  • A fan asks if the Hoth battle means they're advancing the gameworld's timeline, to which Field responds: "We're not changing the timeline. It's going to be very self-contained and not linked to the game world like our other Heroics."
  • Spy additions/changes are planned for Game Update 6, as are issues with the City system.
  • Five year veteran rewards will be coming with Game Update 5 (coming next week to TC).
  • They're working on some more new weapon models for the game, especially welcome given the new Weaponsmithing system coming in GU5.
  • Before signing off, Field answers a fan who asks what SWG should offer players: "SWG should offer players compelling Star Wars content that makes them feel like they're part of the Star Wars universe. Most of all, it should be a fun game to play. I would hope that SWG has something to offer for all play styles. Whether you enjoy leveling up, Heroics, crafting, casual play, etc... it should always be enjoyable."

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