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J Allard gets an extreme new corporate title: CXO

Dustin Burg

The Xbox brand's shaved head daddy has just been graced with a corporate title change, one that's eXtra, eXtreme, eXciting!

Mr. J Allard is now being referred to as Microsoft's CXO or Chief Experience Officer in charge of "technical architecture and user experiences related to products and services of the Entertainment and Devices (E&D) division" where he "oversees an incubation team that scouts new opportunities for the division." What that means exactly, we aren't sure. Though, we do know Allard's new CXO title has come in the wake of a the Zune brand getting a new corporate VP of which Allard used to be a part of. Now, the obvious question is whether or not Allard will use his experience and new CXO title to head up the Xbox 720 division. That said ... Bill Gates needs a replacement too.

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