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Popular manga Blazes way to DS as an RPG


World Destruction isn't the only RPG Sega is cooking up for the DS right now. The company is also slaving over a DS adaptation of Blazer Drive, Seishi Kishimoto's popular manga set in a futuristic Tokyo where society has developed "Mystickers," adhesives which contain various elements (electricity, ice, light, etc.) and assist in day-to-day life.

Certain individuals -- known as "Blazers" -- can activate Mystickers on their skin, and this plot mechanism plays a role in the Blazer Drive game. In the title's turn-based battles, Mystickers can be applied to characters using the stylus to let them attack, use special skills, or generate combos. Players fill the boots and spiky hair of Shiro and Tamaki, two Blazers.

A localization of Blazer Drive looks unlikely, but to be honest we're surprised that it's even getting a game of its own -- the manga can't be more than three months old! Check out more screens beyond the break.

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