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NTT DoCoMo working on crazy wearable phone tech, as usual

Chris Ziegler

Much to the surprise of absolutely no one, there's a lab deep within NTT DoCoMo's hallowed halls where people -- very, very smart people -- are controlling music players with their eyes. This is the Japanese carrier's Frontier Technology Research Group, where people like Dr. Masaaki Fukumoto are perfecting the use of electrical signals generated by eye movements to change volume, skip tracks, and direct the attention of their cameraphones to specific objects to capture QR codes, all in an effort to eventually come up with a phone that requires virtually no finger fiddling whatsoever. Lazy, yes -- but a potential boon for the disabled, and something Fukumoto believes could be commercialized within a few years once his team gets the kinks worked out (translation: we'll see it outside Japan in about 20-odd years). Oh, and don't worry -- a part of that whole "commercialization" business involves turning that headgear into something just a little sexier.

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