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The Daily Grind: Best news from WWI?

Blizzard's Worldwide Invitational just wrapped up, and aside from the highly anticipated announcement about Diablo III, there were also a huge amount of changes announced for World of Warcraft. From Shamans getting the ability to have their totems cover the entire raid as opposed to just their party, to the confirmation that you will be able to make a Death Knight of every playable race. Many players are buzzing about the upcoming changes.

This morning we thought we'd ask you what you thought the most interesting World of Warcraft news was from the Paris Worldwide Invitational? This blogger thinks that her favorite thing (aside from Diablo III, which really isn't WoW news) is the unveiling of the Blizzard authenticator encryption keychain. It will be interesting to see if other MMOG companies follow this step or not.

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