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LittleBigPlanet director talks about trophies, mandatory install, SIXAXIS

Alan Tsang
Eurogamer moderated an interview with David Smith, Media Molecule co-founder and technical director of LittleBigPlanet, and lucky fans had the chance to send him some questions. Smith revealed some new elements of the game and confirmed some old ones; the release date is still October, with a beta trial that has already begun but Smith hopes "to have as many people as possible." Trophies were slightly elaborated upon, with creation being a big focus: an example brought up involved creating a new tool/machine that will launch a sackperson at a high speed.

You can create inventions, then use a camera tool make copies of them, and give them away. A simple system of "hitting a button at any time and following a simple series of operations." will allow users to report objectionable content, including copyrighted content. Water is currently not in the game, but "it's something that would be very high on our list of priorities." Gravity change is also said be added later on.

Whether install will be mandatory is unknown, but Smith simply said: "The HD install is perhaps around a gig. Perhaps more or less." LBP will run at "30fps at 720. The game uses a lot of filmic techniques like depth of field and motion blur, so this fits the game pretty well." There will be "VOIP and PS Eye support" but no further details are revealed. Finally, SIXAXIS will "let you look around, point at things and change your facial expression." For more details, read a transcript of the interview here.

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