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Nextel's new BlackBerry: the Curve 8350?

Chris Ziegler

Rumors persist that RIM has another BlackBerry planned for Nextel's iDEN network -- a network that's aging rapidly, no question, but it still has gobs of relevance in the business world where RIM just happens to keep its bread and butter. Last we'd heard there would be a WiFi-compatible Nextel BlackBerry by the end of the year, and it looks like that window is still basically on track -- though it may slip to early 2009 -- and when it does finally launch, it'll take the form of a Curve with model number 8350. Don't get us wrong, the Curve is a great device by 2007 and early 2008 standards, but if it really does launch early next year, it'll be staring down the barrel of at least one entirely new stablemate, the Bold, and possibly several others as well. 'Course, there are probably plenty of faithful push-to-talkers out there that are thankful just to have any reasonably recent BlackBerry in the pipeline, so three cheers for that, we suppose.

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