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Ninja Gaiden 2 'horse armor' now on sale


Let's face it, we hardcore gamers are always looking for an excuse to play ninja dress-up. After obliterating tens of thousands of nameless, demonic foes, what greater satisfaction could there be than in donning a leopard print bodysuit and doing it all over again? That's the thing, palette swaps used to be bonuses for our hard-earned mileage; easter eggs buried at the end of the playing field. Not premium DLC.

In the real world, buying a sassy lil' getup can be a cathartic release. In virtual land you just feel like a chump. So Tecmo, Team Ninja, Microsoft, whoever, take your Ninja Gaiden "horse armor" and shove it!

... Still reading? You're not actually interested in -- boy, this is awkward ... Okay, here ya go fella:

Update your "in-game look" with these new Ninja Gaiden 2 costume packs (200 Microsoft Points each):

  • Biometal Hayabusa Costume is "organically forged to the body with liquid cooled channels and reinforced armor"
  • Shadow Walker Hayabusa Costume is a "futuristic interpretation of classic cloth ninja garb, reinforced in all the right areas" (wink, wink)
  • Fiend Hayabusa Costume is "inspired by the Hayabusa namesake, the falcon; this demonic costume mirrors the intensity of Ryu's vengeance and fury" (when he's not wearing a tutu)
Did you know? Each costume pack comes with 5 (five!) color variations!

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