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The Wii trails behind competitors in New Zealand

Candace Savino

Apparently, Korea isn't the only place on the globe where the Wii is selling poorly. Yet even in Korea, the Wii isn't the bottom-feeder of this generation -- not so in New Zealand. Nintendo's great white hope is the country's last-place current-gen console, selling only 16,000 units compared to the PS3's 34,000 and the 360's 45,000.

Perhaps the Kiwis wouldn't be so adverse to the Wii if Nintendo actually showed some love to the neglected country. In the current climate, though, New Zealanders are distributor-less. Phoenix Distribution is picking up the slack for Activision's games in the region, but according to the company's founder, "Nintendo is a lemon." To top it all off, Nintendo doesn't even bother advertising the console to its beloved casual crowd, making the Wii a system for the Nintendo hardcore only. Obviously, the distribution problem needs to be fixed, but will it be?

If any of you Kiwis want to shed some light on the situation, feel free to do so in the comments.

[Via NeoGAF]

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