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Image credit: gamercards to include trophy support


One of the best thing about achievements and Gamerscore on the Xbox 360 is the ability to show it off to the world through the use of gamercards. These embeddable image files (example, above) allowed players to show off their recently played games, and their ever-growing Gamerscores. According to a recent post on, the popular (but unofficial) source for PS3 gamercards will be getting support for trophies too. Hopefully, this will mean that players will no longer have to manually edit their gamercards with new games. Instead, a new API should allow the gamercard to update automatically with your recent trophy-enabled games and PlayStation level.

(Also, wouldn't it be great if PS3 Fanboy profile pages could show this kind of info? Maybe if you leave enough comments, we can bother our programmers to do exactly that!)

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