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Mega-new Mega Man 9 details, screens, hands-on


Beyond some crappy scans and lots of speculation, real info on the WiiWare return of Mega Man has been scant. Well, GamesRadar just opened the flood gates with its exclusive, proper reveal of Mega Man 9, featuring a hands-on by Nintendo editor Brett Elston and an interview with series creator (and MM9 producer) Keiji Inafune.

Elston reports that Mega Man 9 is ... well, it's essentially an NES game – just as difficult as the original 8-bit installments of the famed series. "Mega Man 9 is easily on par or above the hardest games in the series," Elston says, adding: "Hell, we played for two hours and only made it to three bosses, and even then only beat two." Read on after the break for more new info.

GamesRadar's piece mentions new mechanics (such as a shop where players can purchase upgrades) and bosses (including Galaxy Man, Plug Man, Hornet Man, Jewel Man, Magma Man, Concrete Man, Tornado Man, and Splash Woman – yep, woman, the first female boss in the series' history) designed by Inafune himself.

Speaking of the Mega Man master, he's absolutely glowing about the project, telling Elston that it has "awoken [his] spirit as a game designer." In addition to handling boss design, Inafune states that, unlike in years past, he has "stepped closer to the designing team" to "get more hands-on with the graphics and game design."

Inafune still doesn't give GamesRadar the goods on potential XBLA/PSN versions of the game, instead asking a question of his own: "Do the fans want them?" Yes, Inafune-san. Yes we do.

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