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Happy Fourth of July from X3F

Dustin Burg

Today is July 4th, which is probably just another uneventful Friday to those living outside the United States. But for those who live within the U.S. borders, today is America's birthday, the day we refer to as Independence Day, the Fourth of July or (what we've come to call it) Firework Bonanza Day! Hopefully, those who are celebrating the country's birthday are among family and friends, are taking it easy (for those who have to work, we feel for you) and consuming all kinds of semi-charred grilled foods. And here's to hoping that the weather cooperates, allowing you to get outdoors, enjoy life outside the Xbox 360 and watch some fireworks. Though, if the weather or annoying family members prevent you from viewing the fireworks spectacle, we fully support your decision to use Boom Boom Rocket as a substitute. From all of us at X3F, have a fantastic July 4th where, tonight, we'll be making a s'more just for you.

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