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Stone Age 2 open beta is here!


Wanna bash stuff up good? Wanna capture little dinosaurs, train them up right and then send them into battle? When you see a broken tree branch with leaves on it, do you think "oooooh, a new club and a snack!"? If any (or all) of these sound like you, then you owe it to yourself to try out Aeria Games' latest prehistoric-themed MMO, Stone Age 2. Thump stuff good, collect baby dinosaurs from all over the world that will forever think of you as "Mum", and make the world safe for yourself and your tribe.

Our sister site, Big Download, has the client ready to download. The Stone Age 2 team has brought the servers up and open beta has begun. If you signed up in advance with Aeria, you may be finding a surprise in your in-box. For a complete list of the exclusive open beta goodies -- and a warning from the devs -- you can just go ahead and click on the break.

Redeem your exclusive beta code and you shall receive:

  • 1 Small Shell Axe - Arm yourself for adventure with this free weapon that'll see you through many days of hard fightin'!
  • 10 Fruit of Perception - Each Fruit of Perception doubles the Experience you receive from battles for two hours - what a sweet snack!
  • 5 Wizard's Feed Soups - Each cup of this mystical broth raises the Loyalty and Mood of one Pal straight to 100! Perfect for quickly turning a wild Pal into a trusted companion!
  • 5 Dinosaur Cookies - Because dinosaurs ate cookies too; it's just that none of them fossilized so we have no record. You might want to try one of these when your endurance is low.
  • 1 Fresh Milk - because cookies with no milk would simply be ... barbarian of us.
They aren't just going to hand a bag of loot to testers. They warn: "... SOMEWHERE in the game there is an NPC that will give you the items. Who is the NPC? Where is the NPC?? Haha. Oh you thought this was going to be easy?? You thought I was just simply going to hand over all these cool items on a silver platter?? Haha. This IS Stone Age 2 we're talking about after all."

Happy hunting!

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