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Cinemassively: Three strikes on file-sharing in Europe could mean no internet for life

Moo Money

Machinima book authors Hugh Hancock, Johnnie Ingram, and Matt Kelland have taken to World of Warcraft to fight a stealth law that is trying to be passed in Europe. Hidden in thick packet of telecoms legislation is a "three strikes" law that could blacklist your household IP for life if it has been deemed to be file sharing three times. It doesn't matter if it was your sister, your parents, your girlfriend, roommate, friend stopping by, or someone that "borrowed" your wifi.

Surely you would have heard about this before, right? They managed to fit it in one week before voting and there is now only one day left to fight back! On Monday, voting will begin on this legislation. However, given the short notice, many of those voting may have not even read it. If you would like to do something about this, you can find more information on the Strange Company website.

[Thanks, Hugh and Johnnie!]

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