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One Shots: History in stone

Things are quiet with the holiday weekend going on stateside, and many people are enjoying some time out and about. (In real life or virtual life.) In that spirit, we're bringing you a Lord of the Rings Online sightseeing find from Mandorak of EU Gilrain. He told us that this is one of the trolls from The Hobbit which was turned to stone. All we can say is that we're awfully glad he's not up and moving about; grumpy trolls are never fun to deal with.

Have you found an odd or interesting landmark on your travels? If so, snap a picture of it and send it to us at oneshots AT massively DOT com! Beyond that, we here at Massively hope that you've been enjoying the holiday weekend. We'll be back to our normal frenetic pace tomorrow with news and views from all over the MMOGscape!

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