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Canton decides it's time to expand its Chrono speaker lineup

Steven Kim

Looks like Canton is spreading the updates across its speaker lines -- a couple of months back, the manufacturer rolled out updates to its Karat models, and now the Chrono lineup is getting the treatment. For your listening pleasure, the company is rolling out the 511 DC (pictured) tower speaker and a 501 on-wall model. The 511 DC is a 3-way bass reflex system with metal cones across the board: dual 9-inch woofers, a 7-inch midrange and a 1-inch tweeter acting to cover a 20Hz - 40kHz frequency range. That tweeter is an aluminum-manganese part that is shared with the on-wall 501 speaker to ensure good sonic matching. The 501 is a sealed unit, with a 6-inch aluminum mid-bass driver packed in the 3.9-inch deep cabinet. Being a on-wall speaker, you get a choice of black (for traditionalists) or silver (for the Buck Rogers crowd) finishes. Pricing comes in at $1400 for the 511 DC and $425 for the 501 models, per speaker.

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