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Forum post of the day: The fate of Outland

Amanda Dean

Once Wrath of the Lich King is released, we will have a whole new end-game continent. Just like how we got a whole new planet in the Burning Crusade. Since the first expansion was released many areas in the old world have been largely unused. There is very little World PvP going on in Eastern Plaguelands, most pre-sixty instances lay dormant except for quick runs with high level characters, and Onyxia lurks alone until someone nostalgic for original WoW until someone comes to slay her.

Dazknight of EU-Lightning's blade posed the question, what will happen to Burning Crusade content once Wrath comes out. If Blizzard continues to work only on the latest endgame content, it's likely that Outland, The Isle of Quel'Danas, dailies, and everything we currently experience will be largely forgotten. Noxmortum of EU-Kilrogg believes that Outland will be the province of characters leveling from 58 to 68, full of Death Knights for the first few weeks and then more of a ghost land than the Ghostlands. Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley will quite probably become very lonely, indeed.

Not everyone is sad to see it go. In the thread Outland was called "the armpit of the universe." Several replies echoed the sentiment that Outland is a loathsome place.

Sometimes I find it surprising that Blizzard hasn't revamped any of the pre-BC content. They've pumped massive resources into creating endgame content twice. The Black Temple and Sunwell Plateau will most likely fall into disuse soon after the expansion, as did Naxxramas and Molten Core. Many will never take part in that content at all. Blizzard is reworking Naxx for Wrath, hopefully they have some tricks up their sleeves for other old content as well.

Do you think Blizz will do anything to save Burning Crusade content in the era of Wrath?

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