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Nibris Web site promises Sadness for Fall 2009

Kyle Orland

Previously on The Young and the Sadness.

*A mysterious stranger, Nibris, enters the scene*
Nibris: Come away with me, and I'll make all your mature-themed, Wii horror gaming dreams come true.
Joystiq: Can it be? Is it true?
Nibris: It is true! Just listen to my story and you'll know in your heart that it is so.
Joystiq: I'm just not sure I can believe in you.
Nibris: Look, I bring you concept art to prove my fidelity.
Joystiq: Lies! I heard you're already planning to run out on me.
Nibris: Would I release these official screenshots if I was planning to halt development?
Joystiq: I just don't know what to think! *Sobs*

And now, today's episode:

Nibris: Look at my new Web site. I promise you, Sadness will be out by Fall of 2009. Meet me at the Leipzig Games Convention if you still have faith in me. In us.
Joystiq: Sorry, dear, I've moved on. Give me a ring when you're ready to show me a playable demo.

[Via NintendoWiiFanboy]

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