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ASUS UK helps us sort out the Eee PC lineup, forgets to help

Nilay Patel

Alright, raise your hand if the deluge of minor new Eee PC models like yesterday's random launch of a 16GB 900 has you totally befuddled. Yeah, that's what we thought -- and apparently what ASUS UK thinks, too, because a new chart listing all the various Eee configurations is up on its site. One problem though: it's also confusing as hell. Just the first two rows are an insane mish-mash of model numbers and pre-loaded operating systems, and we're loving the unlabeled row at the bottom that marks all the Linux machines as "XP Compatible." Thanks, ASUS. All that said, however, it does look like the 901 still the Eee to buy -- so maybe it's time to start trimming this ridiculous list down, guys.

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