Eee PC 901 shows up for pre-order on Amazon for $399 (update: NewEgg shipping)

You know it's getting bad when even Amazon can't tell all the flavors of the Eee PC apart -- a listing for an "Eee PC 900" with 16GB of flash and an Atom processor just went live on the etailer's site with a pre-order price of $399. Those are actually the specs and tasty price of the long-awaited Eee 901, so we're going to say that ASUS's endless stream of minor new Eee models has everyone confused, and that the 901 looks like it's ready to drop -- is this the Eee that'll finally make you take the plunge?

Update: NewEgg just went live with the 12GB XP-based 901 for $599.999999. Shipping today. Also, Amazon is now listing XP and Linux-based 901s for the same price although still as pre-orders. Our advice: stay away from the so-called Atom-based Eee PC 900 until Amazon clarifies the configuration.

[Via I4U, thanks Carl]