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E3 Bingo 2008: Sony press conference

Majed Athab

God of War III

No more UMDs

Qore's future


Kojima's new IP

Video service

Home update

Heavy Rain

US greatest hits

PS2 on PSN

12 Ubi games

US Siren date

New Controller

PSP Trophies

No PSEye love

T6 not silent

Nationwide cards



PSP hardware

40GB with DS3

HS2 possible

PSP direct

R2 over KZ2

More PSP colors

E3 is just around the corner and you know what that means, right? E3 press conference bingo! This is the time when all companies bring out the big guns and show us what's the shape of things to come for the industry. Particularly for us here at PS Fanboy, we'll be keeping close watch on all things related to Sony's platforms. In anticipation of all the revelations we'll be seeing soon, we've compiled our own Sony-centric predictions and have set them up on our very own bingo card. So play along with us and download the card here.

In the meantime, while we wait for the press conference, read our full prediction details by either clicking on each image on the card above, or follow the link below. Come see what we think will happen and also what won't. Make sure you also look out for respective company bingo cards on Xbox 360 Fanboy, Nintendo Wii Fanboy, and DS Fanboy in the next two days. Who will get bingo first?

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