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Guildwatch: The thread you are looking for has been deleted

Mike Schramm

There's a disturbing trend happening on the forums lately -- all the great drama threads are getting deleted. It's not like it's not out there -- this week's GW, as usual, is full of good drama, and the truth is that drama threads on guild forums are better anyway. But it seems like every time a tipster kindly sends us a link to an official forum thread, it's mysteriously disappeared? Could someone at Blizzard... not want us to make fun of drama? We'll keep an eye on it.

Until we figure that out, keep sending us the tips, whether they be about drama, downed news for your guild or others, or recruiting notices for up-and-coming raiding groups. The place to send it all is, and clicking the link below will show you just what we heard about from the realms this week.


  • Unfortunately, most of the threads revolving around this Warglaive drama on EU Turalyon got deleted, but we're slowly piecing the story together. Apparently an ex-guildie of Nerds in Denial (we'll call him Howie, since they do) got hacked, and blamed someone in the guild for it. The guild then responded by saying the guy was making it up, and that Howie had been angry ever since the Warglaive dropped and he didn't get it. At this point, the story gets hazy -- apparently the "hacker" (which could be an invention of Howie) threatens to hack more people in the guild, and sooner or later, it actually happens. Later in the thread, they admit that it probably wasn't Howie who hacked them, but either way: drama + hacking = chaos on the forums. Skip the drama, and watch your password folks.
  • Chaos on Lethon -- Unhuman and The Convicted led a raid to kill every boss in every Alliance city (to celebrate a party for the Convicted's GM, apparently). Three raid groups roamed the countryside, and much Alliance blood was spilled. Alliance guild FTA even got in on the fun by fighting PvP in Hillsbrad. By "every boss," you mean Staghelm, too, right? Because oh man I hate that guy.
  • In the interests of full disclosure (and just to prove that GW can laugh at itself, too), we're posting this thread from the Steamwheedle Cartel forums. Yes, the Natural Order vs. Pantheon drama that we've been posting on for the past few weeks has now folded back in on itself, and grown so big that even this little old column and social networking/messaging service Twitter is getting flak. Enough is enough, we're done with NO v. Pantheon drama. Thanks everybody for sending it in, though.
  • Another cool guild website, this time from Kiith-Sa Hunter (at least I think that's the guild name) on Ravenholdt-H. The colors are a "leetle" garish, and music is always bad, but the avatars are pretty slick-- those are what the guild's characters actually look like, we're told.
  • There's a story behind this NSFW screenshot, though we aren't quite sure about exactly what it is. Our tipster tells us that Neexa apparently has been running instances with Neit, who is Aneri's boyfriend. And while Neexa's boyfriend isn't jealous at all, apparently Aneri is very much so -- Neit had to promise at one point never to play with Neexa again, but he needed a healer for a run in Mana Tombs, and when Aneri found out, there you go. I do have to say -- the Nexus-Prince Shaffar's lines are oddly and strangely appropriate.
  • Blastimos applied on the forums of Echo Isles' Magic and Mayhem, and though his app is deleted, the flams the other guildies left about it are still there and burning. And as our tipster says, what's drama without it flowing over into the forums, so here's Blasti a little unhappy about the fact that he didn't make it in, and here's his apology... kind of. Not really.
  • A couple of folks sent us messages about Ethos on Steamwheedle Cartel-A -- apparently they're stuck on Gorefiend, and drama is working on tearing up the guild. There have been problems with recruitment, member ranks, and lack of progression (it's been a while since they last downed something), so people from guilds like Catalyst and Incorruptable are being invited to PuG with them. We're told that Caleu, the co-GM, is not doing much to help the problem, even though someone reportedly has trouble killing their constructs on Gorefiend. Of course, this is just what our tipsters are saying -- a look at their forum shows no such trouble.
  • Several guildies of Mystyc Hope on Shadow Council wanted to up their raiding abilities, and confronted their guildleader about it, who responded in a less than constructive way -- she had her family quit the guild and took her own alts out, save for her main, who's still got the leader rank. Things got fixed, and everybody got invited back -- until it all went down again, and now she's still in charge, and has upped all of her alts to leader rank. Apparently a lot of core raiders and quite a few guildies have given up on her and moved on. Which sounds about like the right move.
  • I'm guessing that this guild bank thief from the Obsidian Order is really just a kid -- he probably just doesn't know any better, and the real solution is to either not invite him into the guild in the first place, or invite him and keep him from having access to the bank (they have to learn sometime). But that doesn't make the conversations any less funny. And what kind of bank ninja really, really needs to run VC?
  • The New Inquisition on Blackhand-A dropped Rage W a few weeks ago, and this week it was Anatheron's turn. Goes to show, they say, what some hard work and good leadership can do for a guild.
  • Defenders of Valhalla on Durotan downed Rage Winterchill last Sunday. Nice job!
  • Free At Last Eldre'Thalas-A first showed up here when they started out, and now they're rolling right through the endgame: Vashj, the first two bosses in Hyjal, Naj'entus, and all of TK but Kael is downed. Pretty boy's on notice for next time.
  • HAVEN (on Laughing Skull) downed Lady Vashj, Anetheron, and Kaz'rogal all in the same week.
  • T5 content is now completely finished for Knights of the Legion on EU Draenor. After a few bad tries, Kael'thas bit the dust. Archi's on notice, and they're still recruiting a few people, including a Shadow and a Holy Priest.
  • Polaris on Blackhand-A killed Mother Shahraz on their fourth attempt ever and later in the week dropped the Illidari Council. Illidan is the only one left on notice, then -- he probably got the message after they slapped him to 75% on a non-serious attempt.
  • Surreality on Black Dragonflight-H two-shot Najentus on their first time in BT, then went on to collect "the purpz" (that's what the kids say now, apparently) from Supremus and Shade of Akama as well, before finishing up with an all guild downing of Doomwalker and Kazzak for lulz. Gorefiend's hitting the floor this weekend.
  • Noste Angelus on Bloodhoof downed Gruul after one shotting HKM. Mag was on notice before the Fourth of July, but he's probably dead by now.
  • Eye Of The Storm on Bonechewer-A downed the Reliquary of Souls on the second night of attempts. Mother Shahraz better start getting the kids into bed -- she's on notice.
  • Epic Crusaders of Eldre'Thalas-H made their first venture into Karazhan last week. Attumen, Moroes, and Maiden all downed. Romulo and Julianne are on notice -- they were within five seconds of being taken down.
  • Unchained on EU Ahn'Qiraj got their first bear mount! With just three minutes left on the timer, they nabbed it and boosted their raiding spirits a whole lot. They also want to say that they're only halfway done with MH and BT, so it's definitely possible to get a bear without full T6 gear on. Rock on guys!
  • Balance of Judgement on EU Darkmoon Faire has been tearing it up lately -- Nightbane, Akil'zon, and Nalorakk have all been dropped (with help from allies Beyond Redemption and Y Ddraegau, the latter of which gets our Best Guild Name of the week award -- what the hell does that mean?). Next up for BoJ is a little more ZA, and then a trip to Gruul's.
  • Progression on Shadowsong still has Al'ar on notice, but in the past week, they downed Fathom-Lord Karathress (one-shot on their first try) and Astromancer Solarian. I think we need a new word for the glossary -- what it's called when your guild goes in to kill one boss, and ends up killing another.
  • Risen from Ashes is a dedicated raiding alliance on Thorium Brotherhood-A. Last week in their first Zul'Aman attempt they downed all the bosses except Zul'Jin, and he is on notice!
  • Kharma of Kul Tiras-H has killed Akil'zon and Halazzi in ZA this week for the first time as a guild. They are also still recruiting, especially a few more tanks and healers to flesh out a 25-man group.
  • Trifectae Otakum on Bronzebeard-A has only been in Kara for three weeks but they've downed Attumen, Moroes, Maiden, Curator, Opera, Illhoof, Chess, and Prince. Very nice work.
  • Rend Fate on Ravenholdt-H has cleared Gruul's Lair, and put Magtheridon on notice. Kara is on farm and they're 3/6 ZA and recruiting raiding healers, Mages, and Shaman, though other classes can apply too.
  • Facta non Verba on Bladefist-H recently just downed three progression bosses in three days: Leo, Naj, and Supremus. Their GM is especially proud because they haven't lost sight of the fact that they all lead lives outside the guild and play to have fun. They also say there's a server-wide birthday party coming in August to celebrate -- there will be pie.
  • Silent Redemption on Feathermoon has downed Morogrim Tidewalker. They give a shout out "to Luklin for his excellent leadership skills and total commitment to his members." Grats all!
  • After several weeks straight of coming this close to beating the timed event, The Bit Players on Lothar-A broke through and finished off Halazzi right at the timer -- while down one tank and healer for the last half of the final spirit phase and the entire last 25%. Grats to Jalin, who picked up the guild's first Amani War Bear! They also rolled Naj'entus, one shot Supremus, and took out Shade of Akama as well. Group 2 finished off Leotheras.
  • Grim of Shattered Halls has downed Vashj, and Kael is next.
  • No Options (Lightbringer-A) downed Brutallus for the first time after 300+ total attempts (wow!). Felmyst is on notice -- hopefully he'll go down a little easier.
  • The Ancient Lords on Terenas-A one shotted all of Kara except the dragons in one night. Grats! Now on to the dragons!
  • Sunwell says they're the fastest progressing guild on EU Dragonmaw-A -- they just downed Leo and Fathom-Lord in SSC, in two consecutive nights. Morogrim Tidewalker and High Astromancer Solarion also got dropped later in the week.
  • Attack The Darkness of Norgannon downed Archimonde last week after three nights of attempts. Illy D is up next!
  • The Hand of Lothar admits that GW is always right -- they originally said that 48% wasn't low enough to put Nightbane on notice, but we did anyway, and sure enough they dropped him. Akil'zon also got dropped, and Nalorakk got laid out before the timer as well. They're also recruiting up for 25 mans -- all classes and levels welcome, look on the website to apply.
  • Carpe Noctem on Aerie Peak-H took another whack at Hydross on their second night, and knocked him out for a guild first. Leo is on notice. They also tried ZA for kicks the other week, and despite the fact that the MT was fall-down drunk, they nabbed the first two chests. Their MT recommends that maybe there oughtta be a guild beer fund, maybe?
  • FortyTwo says they've put Kael'thas on green crystal life support. Grats! They also say they want to put all of BT and MH on notice, but you only get one boss a week! We'll give you Rage W.
  • Ashen Dawn stepped out of the shadows and became Ghostland's number three Hordeside guild by clearing out TK and SSC last week. Rage Winterchill even met his end at their hands after that as well.
  • Dead Poets Society downed Rage Winterchill also, one shot, one kill.
  • Blood Legion on Lightning's Blade-H one-shotted Kael'thas Sunstrider last week. Archimonde has been warned.
  • Twisted Intentions on Eitrigg-H is currently recruiting members for ZA and beyond. They are also willing to take anyone 65+ who is interested in learning how to become a raider. They're trying to build a good core group for WotLK raids. All classes are welcome except Paladins -- they've got plenty.
  • Scorpius is a new early morning raid guild on SilverHand, and they're open for recruiting. All classes welcome, raids starting around 8:30am server.
  • Rise of Vengeance (Moon Guard-H) is recruiting members for Karazhan and old world raiding instances. They're currently finishing keying members for Onyxia, and soon to be running BWL. Please be at least level 40 and at least 18 years of age to apply.
  • Citadel on The Scryers-A, has made great progress lately -- they've been diving into high-end raiding lately, and after a co-run with Eve of Destruction, have downed HKM and Gruul as well as Mag. They're openly recruiting all levels and classes. Please be 18+ and ready to raid as much as you can (though they're not hardcore). And be ready to have fun -- they're all about playing WoW for what it is: a game.
  • Andoras Box on Jaedenar is currently running Kara, Gruuls, Mag and Zul'Aman and are actively seeking out additional players to join their ranks and to experience some end-game content. More info about how to join can be found on the website.
  • Raid Intentions is a "meta-guild" on Malorne-A that has downed Kael for an Alliance side second. They're cleared Kara, ZA, Gruul's, Mag, SSC, TK, and a good amount of Hyjal and BT. They run two 25-man teams and two 10-man. They're recruiting on a limited basis: Resto Shammy, Prot Warrior, BM Hunter, and Rogue.
  • Bonkers of Caelestrasz is recruiting Kara geared level 70's for a social, mature guild. Bonkers is a guild for those with kids, jobs, other interests outside of WoW whose playtime is precious. They are looking for people that fit that basic profile, that are over 21 years of age.
  • Edge of Insanity has taken its first step into Sunwell Plateau by downing Kalecgos on consecutive weeks. They're also looking for mature WoW players with previous raiding experience who understand the value of preparation, teamwork, and execution. Applicants should have at least T5 or ZA+Badge Equivalent gear.
That's it for this week's GW! Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including a hilarious Vent recording and the classic "officers dont do officers like u did." Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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