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Rumor: Wolfenstein will likely appear at E3

Justin McElroy

We thought it was important to comb through Spike TV's E3 coverage plans, if only so we could plan our walking paths to put us in front of the cameras as much as humanly possible. But imagine our surprise when we actually found news hiding within our ticket to stardom. Check this listing:

"Geoff Keighley is on the E3 show floor to give Spike viewers the inside scoop on the sights and sounds of the show. Also, tune in for more world exclusive surprises including something special from id Software and Raven Software. -- Tuesday, July 15 and Wednesday, July 16 (11:59 PM - Midnight, ET/PT)"

Something special from id and Raven, huh? Could it be the 2-and-1/2-years-in-development Wolfenstein follow up that's supposed to arrive this year? Yeah, we think that's a pretty safe bet. Here's hoping we get to hear more about another return to the castle next week.

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