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Tilted Mill turns with Steam power


Valve's Steam service is generating the power for Tilted Mill's digital distribution of its enhanced 2004 title, Children of the Nile. The game places players in the role of a Pharaoh tasked with building an ancient Egyptian society SimCity-style and is available for $20.

Although Tilted Mill did say previous owners of CotN would be able to get this updated version for free, that upgrade is not available just yet. We spoke with the company's president, Chris Beatrice, who tells us the download should be available on their site and several others "in the next couple of days, hopefully today." He also tells us Tilted Mill is currently working on several other projects and at least one of them will be announced this Friday. Beatrice believes that game should be available this fall and we'll be sure to post what it is as soon as we get word from the company.

[Via BigDownload]

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