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Sony announces in-game advertising deal with Double Fusion

Alan Tsang

Phil Rosenberg, Senior Vice President of SCEA, announced a partnership today with Double Fusion, an advertising firm specializing in in-game advertising. Market research firm DFC Intelligence forecasts that worldwide in-game advertising industry will grow 1,150% by 2011 to $973.3 million, and "PlayStation is taking a major role in enabling this fast-developing sector that is both positive and inevitable for the games medium."

"We have already received tremendous support from publishers who want to incorporate ads into their PS3 games, across all of the regions of the world." Jonathan Epstein, president and CEO of Double Fusion stated. However, who these publishers are exactly is unknown at this time.

Last month, Sony announced a similar deal with another advertising firm, IGA Worldwide. How/if this affects the previous deal is unknown at this time. What are your thoughts? Are you okay with the product placement that is already in some games? What about actual advertising, however seamless it is? We feel this is an inevitable step in the evolution of the industry, but let's hope we never see an annoying pop-up ad during a gaming session.

[Via press release]

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