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iPod touch 2.0 update now for sale, for real


Blessed are the patient, for they shall pay $9.95 (or $10.79, with sales tax depending on your billing address) and download the iPod touch 2.0 Software Update (store link), and yea they shall wait some 20 to 30 minutes for the 226 MB of new firmware to descend from the high Akamai and bestow App Store access upon them. In point of fact, also blessed are the impatient who remained awake and clicked the "Upgrade" button every five minutes up until 12 am ET, which is about when everything started to get moving.

Downloading it now, gallery below, first impressions to come. We have a warning from reader Paul that his upgrade to 2.0 (on an iPhone first-gen, not a touch) nuked his Address Book data, so be sure to back up before you upgrade your devices. We also have a tip from Cody that Canadian would-be buyers of the 2.0 update and App Store goodies must use a credit card; iTunes gift cards are not working to place the order.

Note that there is a new SLA accompanying this upgrade, as one might expect (PDF here). If you're hungry for more as you wait for your upgrade to download and run, you can browse the list of iPod touch-compatible apps or check out our First Looks so far.

Installed, resynced and bought some apps -- all working as expected except for Mail, which is hanging on start and kicking back to the main screen. Going to try wiping it down and resyncing if I can. A note to the commenters who are suggesting pulling a torrent of the new firmware instead of coughing up the $10... c'mon, are you going to risk your $300 iPod's health on a pirated software update? It's $10. Give up cigarettes or something.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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