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Wowhead shows Hunters some love

Eliah Hecht

It seems like just a couple of days ago Wowhead made a major addition to their site in the form of Wrath of the Lich King alpha talent calculators. Oh, that's right, it was just a couple of days ago. Well, today they've added some more new features, and these ones are all for Hunters. That should take some of the sting out of your talents not being released yet.

  • A training calculator for pet skills (though this will all be completely overhauled for Wrath, it should prove very useful until then)
  • A comparison table of all pet types, listing their modifiers to damage, health, and armor, abilities they can learn, levels at which they can be tamed, and diet. All columns are filterable and sortable, in case you really need to see a listing of the highest-armor pets that can Bite and eat cheese (it's boars, by the way).
  • A frankly amazing gallery of all the different skins for all the different pet types, with 3D models and links to tamable pets that use those skins.
Great stuff. And now I know that I have two ways to get this awesome spider: a common, but low level mob on Bloodmyst Isle, or a level 64 elite. At that rate, actually, I'll probably just stick with my boar – I doubt my level 55 hunter is up to taming a 64 elite, and bringing a pet up 40 levels doesn't sound too fun either. Oink!

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