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Final Fantasy XIII: 360 development starting after PS3 version


When is Final Fantasy XIII coming out? To deliver even a vague answer, you'll need to consider the long and winding path the immensely anticipated RPG still has to take -- and the Xbox 360 version isn't about to take a shortcut. Speaking at a special Square Enix Q&A event at E3, Square Enix exec Shinji Hashimoto detailed the developer's strategy, taking care to consider not only the game's multiplatform development, but its localization period as well.

Final Fantasy XIII is currently being developed using Square Enix's "Crystal Tools" technology with the PC as base platform. "As we have already announced, we will complete the PS3 version in Japan," explained Hashimoto. "After that, we will start the localization for US and Europe." Once localization is underway, Square will begin development of the Xbox 360 version, with the aim of releasing it in America (with no meaningful content changes) alongside the localized PlayStation 3 version. "Because of languages and other conditions, it may not release in US and Europe simultaneously," noted Hashimoto.

Convenient summary: Final Fantasy XIII isn't coming out soon.

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