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Ultimate Band getting charity concert venue, Linkin Park love

Jason Dobson

While there's no shortage of games designed to keeping you humming songs in your head until all you want to do is scream, there's only one that will give you the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from giving back. That game is Ultimate Band, as publisher Disney today linked up with Linkin Park's non-profit, Music for Relief, to help raise awareness of disaster victims and global warming by letting players rock out from the safety of their living rooms.

Sure, it might not be the most altruistic alliance, but Wii rockers can nonetheless look forward to lending their rhythm-keeping talents during a Music for Relief charity concert, which has been added as an in-game venue. Curiously, only the Wii version was mentioned in the announcement, though a DS version of Ultimate Band is also planned. The game will also make a featured appearance during Linkin Park's own Projekt Revolution 2008 tour, kicking off this week in Burgettstown, PA, though we're not sure a game featuring the music of The Who and Devo is exactly poised to rock nu metal fans out of their fishnet socks.

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