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E308: Wii Fanboy reacts to Nintendo's keynote [update]


[Updated: Now with JC talking about things!]

With so many highlights from this year's Nintendo E3 keynote, we're finding our live chat wasn't enough to cover our thoughts and opinions on what was shown. So, below, you'll find some impressions akin to what we did last year. Enjoy.

Shaun White Snowboarding

Dave: This actually looks really fun. Spiritual successor to 1080 Snowboarding anyone? Cammie might not be the best, but I'm sure I could top her in rocking the half-pipe.
Chris: One question, Shaun White Snowboarding: are you 1080 Snowboarding, a.k.a. the only snowboarding game in existence to get everything right? No? Then I remain cynical.
Phil: The physics involved with real snowboarding allow you to lean into turns, with speed and centrefugal force (or whatever) keeping you balanced. With no resistance on the Balance Board, are people who lean too far just going to fall off?
Alisha: I would fall off. Probably.
Candace: It looks kind of fun -- if you have any sort of coordination, unlike myself. I fail at balance games, so I'll probably have to stay away from this one. Even Cammie could own me in a Balance Board game like this.
JC: Wii Fit snowboarding is too hard. This is like Too Hard Balance Board Snowboarding: The Game. Looked okay, though!

Animal Crossing: City Folk

Dave: Does anyone have anything bad to say about this? Seriously. Awesome.
Phil: I certainly do. It's clearly, ummmm ... with the really bad ... errrrr, never mind.
Chris: As a self-confessed Animal Crossing nerd, I was obviously elated with City Folk. I'm pleased they maintained the art style of previous games (and find complaints about the visuals baffling, to be honest), and all the additions are really encouraging. Some Wild World/City Folk connectivity would be made of win, so take note, Nintendo.
Candace: Don't get me wrong -- Animal Crossing looks pretty great. Yet, it wasn't exactly a surprise, so it didn't stir up much excitement in me.
Alisha: Exactly -- it wasn't a surprise. WiiSpeak and multiplayer was pretty awesome, though!
JC: I was surprised and delighted by Nintendo's audacity. The visuals have hardly changed at all! I was so burned out on Animal Crossing after being a GameCube AC lifer and then trying it on the DS, but I'm back!



Dave: I really don't see this catching on, honestly. If it's bundled with Animal Crossing: City Folk, then it'll get into homes. Otherwise, I don't see gamers really leaping for this peripheral.
Chris: Amazed. Surprised. Chuffed to bits. I am all of these when it comes to WiiSpeak.
Candace: I think it's a step in the right direction for Nintendo, but I would have preferred a storage solution to WiiSpeak.
Phil: Great for Animal Crossing, possibly even greater for party games. Multi-household Wii nights with intertron communication? Awesome.
JC: My cats will knock it over. It's probably good for people who like talking to people, though.

Third-party titles

Dave: Call of Duty: World at War? Lame. Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party? Great! I still don't know about that Star Wars game, though. I can't get off the fence about it.
Phil: Call of Duty: World at War? Great! Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party? Great! Lack of Red Steel 2 information? Not so great.
Chris: Red Steel 2? You are an oddity, Larsen. Anyway, more Rabbids? Call of Duty? Guitar Hero? Like, seriously? Not for the first time, I'm left cold by third-party offerings on a Nintendo machine.
Candace: I think I fell asleep at this part. Also, I'm not sure how, in any way, the Wii version of Guitar Hero will top that of its competitors. I think that was a silly thing for Iwata to say.
Alisha: This Rabbids game looks ridiculously fun, but I think there are probably better third party games to showcase. I hope so, at least. Y'know ... something exclusive.
JC: I'll buy Rabbids, have a good time, and be branded part of the problem. They really could have used some MadWorld or something.

Wii Controller 1:1

Dave: I don't see the potential for this outside of Wii Sports Resort, honestly. That is, until I get that dream sequel: No More Heroes 2.
Chris: A far bigger deal than I think people realize.
Candace: I agree with Chris. 1:1 motion controls is a huge deal. If this is where gaming is going, I'll have to stop making waggle jokes.
Phil: I agree with C and C, disagree with the D. This has amazing potential for developers who couldn't bring their creative ideas to fruition with the current functionality of the Wiimote. Endless possibilities.
Alisha: I'm with Phil. I really think this could improve some of the controls we've seen so far.
JC: Kind of embarrassing that Nintendo has to release an extra peripheral that basically just fixes the original functionality. But hey, if it works well, and helps me throw the frisbee to the dog ...

Wii Sports Resort

Dave: Look, Reggie. Why wasn't this Dolphin Park? Seriously. That would've been great. That course better be in here. It's Wii Sports 2. Of course I'm excited!
Chris: I'll have to confess indifference about this, but seriously: way to crank up the bank balance, Ninty. Should make Wii Fit look like small fry at the tills.
Candace: I think it'll be great, especially with 1:1 motion controls. But, is this the do all, end all game I was hoping Nintendo would announce at E3? Not even close.
Phil: Not so hot on this, if only because I never play the original Wii Sports any more.
Alisha: I'm all for this. Wii Sports is still one of the best multiplayer experiences around.
JC: Seriously. I am in love with the dog frisbee game. This is not a joke. I am not kidding. I honestly wasn't expecting a new Wii Sports until a new Wii hit.


Wii Music

Dave: My least favorite of the show, hands down. I like rhythm-based games, but that have to at least have some challenge and gameplay. Not a game that just makes the music for you and asks you to stand around your living room like an idiiot.
Candace: The highlight of the keynote for me was Wii Music. While a lot of people seem unimpressed, I just like the whole idea behind the software. I consider myself musical, but most of my friends aren't. Now, those that struggle in games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero have a chance to play along, too, and rock out to some great Nintendo tunes. I only wish that there was also a more advanced option for more advanced players.
Chris: I'm with Candace on this -- I think it has real potential. I need to see more, but my curiosity is piqued.
Phil: I can't see this taking off. After a while of fun, messy gameplay sessions, the players who actually want to become skilled won't have the content and precise functionality to support any marked improvement. I agree with Dave that it needs more challenge, more gameplay, and more precision.
Alisha: I think this looks awesome, though I'm notoriously bad at rhythm games of all sorts. It's the kind of thing I feel like I need to get my hands on before I judge, though.
JC: I don't get how it works. Do you select songs beforehand? Some of the gestural stuff seems silly, but those drums made me a believer. Very impressive display.

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