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The rising costs of multiplayer Wii


We're already fascinated by the potential of the Wii MotionPlus, but there is one potential sticking point: the price. Gizmodo went to the trouble of calculating how much the Wii would cost with enough Wii Remotes, Nunchuks, and MotionPlus add-ons (the site estimated -- conservatively in our view -- that the device would cost $15) for four players, and promptly saw the Wii's "cheapest console" tag evaporate.

According to Gizmodo's math, a fully equipped four-player Wii set-up would cost $490 -- just $60 less than the PS3 with four controllers and $20 more than the Xbox 360 with four pads; the fact that the Wii is seen as a social gaming console hardly makes thing much better. Maybe a price drop for the Wiimote is in order before the MotionPlus hits stores?


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