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E308: Marvelous pulls Little King Story from the show floor


When I arrived at my XSEED/Marvelous appointment here at E3, I had one question on my mind: how awesome is your Little King's Story game? Being the incredibly professional blogger that I am, I came up with that hard-hitting question following two days of grueling punishment at the show with a combined 8-9 hours sleep. But, when I got there, I had not a single chance to unleash my intelligent query as the game was nowhere to be found.

In asking PR rep Jimmy Soga, he informed me that it was the decision of Marvelous to yank the game from the show. Why? Well, they felt it wasn't a strong enough build to show the public. I asked if it was perhaps a problem of the game crashing or it being that the section quarantined for the press at E3 was rather glitchy, but he had no other information for me other than I would not be able to play it.

Stay tuned for impressions from the games that are at the show.

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