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E308: Warhammer Online is pretty much done

Michael Zenke

We had a chance to chat today with Josh Drescher and Adam Gershowitz, two of the leading lights behind EA Mythic's Warhammer Online. Even just two months after our huge Massively goes to WAR series, there were new elements to view and discuss. We'll get you that information as soon as we can, but we wanted to share what might have been the biggest surprise of our chat: essentially everything that will be in the game at launch is now in the game.

Said Mr. Gershowitz, "Basically where we're at right now is the guild Beta. We're in high polish mode, which means that everything in the game is in at this point. Everything we're going to ship with, for the most part, is in, is being played, everybody is taking a look at it, giving us feedback and now we're doing the final polish."

Tune back in soon for information on Warhammer's built-in UI customization, reactions to the recent class and city removal announcements, character customization tidbits, and much more.

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