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Ubisoft: E3 timing 'not appropriate'

Phil Larsen

Speaking to, Ubisoft's Alain Corre said that the location and timing of this year's E3 was "not appropriate" for the event -- he wants it earlier (as in, back in May) and bigger. Basically, back the way it was, where Ubisoft could get a spot on the massive show floor and put on a glorious gaming spectacle. The overemphasis on glitz and glamour is pretty much why they ditched the old format in the first place.

Corre doesn't delve into specifics about what exactly the show should be, beyond being bigger and earlier. However, he does mention the lack of retail presence, which publishers would use to establish plans for the remainder of the year. According to Corre, having the event in July digs too deep into the year, and holiday plans can't be made as effectively. However, there still needs to be "reasonable limits as to noise, attendees or whatever."

What do you think? Has E3 settled into a nice groove this year, or do you wish the "funfair" atmosphere made a return in some form?

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