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E308: E3 no longer ideal for core games -- Miyamoto


Shigeru Miyamoto has weighed in on the grand debate that has raged over Nintendo's E3 press conference, addressing fan complaints that not enough "core" titles were shown. According to Shiggy, the shortage of more traditional games could be attributed to one thing: E3.

Whereas once E3 was perceived as an event for those who treated gaming as serious business, Miyamoto argues that the industry's red-letter day is now better suited to showing off "new concepts and new types of play that we intend to bring to the broader audience, particularly because of the media that gathers at E3 now."

Nevertheless, Miyamoto did reassure diehard fans that classic franchises were being worked on, with the Zelda, Mario, and Pikmin teams all concentrating on new games. "... We're still working on many of those titles," Miyamoto told MSNBC, "But [E3 is] just not the type of event where we'll be showcasing that anymore."

It's interesting to note the different perspectives on this issue taken by Miyamoto and Reggie Fils-Aime. Whereas Reggie refuted the suggestion that Nintendo could have offered more "core" games, Miyamoto seems to admit that yes, there was a lack of such titles at E3, but that E3 itself was the reason behind this.


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